Fashionable Cars to Choose For Road Trip

When you have decided to have a road trip and you want to rent a car in rental cars 24h, you may have no idea on cars to choose for road trip. There are lot of types of car you can choose. Most of rental cars are with various types and good for any kind of road. You can drive MPV, SUV, City Car and more. Choose one of them and it depends on the destination and also the number of passengers you will go with. If you want ideas what cars to choose for road trip, here are our recommendations.

Kia Sedona

Kia Sedona is an MPV with sliding doors on both sides. Comfortable passenger room with a line of chairs made from high quality that can be adapted to travel needs. This car is equipped with an entertainment system, which is a touch screen with buttons on the big screen and physical buttons that are easily accessible from the driver’s seat. There is satellite radio, an infinity audio system, and navigation. And there are many advanced security features available.

  • security system that can monitor blind spots
  • providing collision warnings and warning lights from behind.
  • The engine helps this car move faster on the highway. So, you will easily lower the clutch of this car when the car is uphill.


This one MPV is a 5 door frame Volkswagen production. This car gets the maximum value in terms of safety because it has the addition of smart reminders for drivers and passengers in the front to always wear a seat belt. This car contains technology that makes it fuel efficient.

Ford Galaxy

Ford Galaxy is a Ford MPV with a five-door frame. This MPV is known for its high comfort. The chair offers a massage that keeps you refreshed on a long journey. Now if you are carrying an item and want to put it in the trunk but your hands are too full to open the trunk door, just put your feet under the rear bumper and the lift gate will automatically open and close. To note, this car is also fuel efficient tablets.

BMW 2 Series Grand Tourer

BMW MPV output has a large size. He is able to carry many passengers and goods. The door number is 5. For color, this car is available in 10 colors. Tourer with a capacity of 1.5 liters and already has a turbo charger. Seat is wide and can be arranged to get more space.

If we are talking about big size, those four cars might not meet your needs but when you want to have comfortable road trip with high quality features, those are the best cars to choose for a road trip. The high functioning features can help you and the passengers to do many things without making big effort for it. The techonology in those four cars will make your road trip more enjoyable and comfortable. Choose one of them depending on your needs and budgets. Make sure to rent from good rental cars 24h.