Features of traffic in Sydney and Australia

  • If you are going to live in Sydney, which means that you are looking for a house and a job, try to find the first location not too far from the second. Because otherwise you will be spending a lot of time on the road.
  • There are few traffic jams, so problems can arise more due to winding streets and severe traffic restrictions. If you learn the city well, it is more convenient to live here with a car.
  • It is better to buy a car on the spot or rent it, because any attempt to transport the vehicle from your homeland will cost you like the car itself. One of the perfect options of hiring a car in this city is Firefly car rental at Sydney International Airport.
  • Australia has many toll sections of roads, tunnels and bridges. Do not worry about the price, as you spend money for an opportunity to drive at high speed on perfect asphalt, without intersections, traffic lights, along magnificent landscapes.
  • To travel on a toll site, a special device must be installed in the car. With its help payment for services occurs automatically at each entrance to the toll road (such devices are already installed in rented cars).
  • Australia inherited from the British colonialists the left-hand traffic.
  • Without fail, both the driver and passengers must be wearing seat belts. Children must be seated in special car seats.
  • Maximum speed limit: in settlements – 60 km / h, on suburban roads – 100 km / h, on expressways and motorways – 130 km / h.
  • Almost anywhere, especially on deserted roads, large animals can cross the road. Be careful!
  • In Australia, you can turn across a double full line, and also you can turn across it to the right. Moreover, this is the recommended reversal method, as it is just impossible to turn around at most intersections.
  • Safety on the road is very important in Sydney. Therefore, for example, the penalties for talking on a cell phone and for an unfastened passenger are higher than for driving at a red traffic light.
  • There is no warning flashing green light among the traffic lights, but the yellow light is on long enough to give the opportunity to cross the road if the driver could not stop after changing the light into green.

The Top Places For Your Trip in USA This Summer

Summer is approaching and this is the perfect time for a vacation. Choosing the places to visit in the United States during the summer can be overwhelming due to the variety of landscapes and opportunities it offers. Choosing the best vacation destinations in the United States is based on what arouses you the most. Always consider hiring a car when exploring the destination discussed below and you can do this by visiting rental24h.com car rental. In this article, we’re are going to look at the best summer vacation destinations.


This is an ideal place for those who like to hike up in stunning landscapes during the evening, the perfect place to visit is Mount Lemmon, where you can easily spot soothing brooks at the mountain base where you can relax as you hike. Tucson is one of the top summer holiday destinations in the USA. Remember to explore the renowned courtyard dining opportunities where you can have time with your friends in spite of high temperatures during the day. This is a suitable place to spend your evening while enjoying the beauty of this place.

Santa Barbara

This is an amazing city in California with balanced weather throughout the year. It outsmarts other destinations making it the perfect destination for a laidback holiday. While on your vacation in this city don’t forget to visit the Butterfly beach to experience the sunset panoramic view that this amazing city is proud of and if you’re in good mood you can take your time to explore the Arroyo Burro Beach. You offer the eateries as well as the wineries the chance to entertain you like never before.

San Diego, CA

Most people have heard about San Diego Zoo while others have visited the Zoo in the past. San Diego Zoo comprises of all sorts of animals from across the entire globe in charming curated exhibits, this is thus, therefore, a perfect destination for animal lovers irrespective of their ages. Take your time to explore the Safari Park which aids you in touring a great expanse of the wildlife reserve. If you haven’t explored San Diego forecast, it’s usually sunny and its closeness to the coastline ensures things are relatively cool. When temperatures are severe, you should avoid touring the town and instead you should travel to Point Loma to give the kids the opportunity to see the tidal pools while having fun in the ocean breeze.

Vail, CO

Vail is a destination which people think its only ideal for winter travels, but in reality, summer is the perfect time to explore this mountain town. This is an affordable summer vacation destination for you and your family and you will be able to engage yourself in a variety of activities ensuring you’re entertained and at no time you will get bored. The Vail slopes are ideal for a number of outdoor activities like horseback riding, downhill mountain biking, and the local rivers are fantastic for water rafting sports and this makes the family adventurous fascinating.

The discussed above are some of the best summer vacation destinations in the United States. When planning your summer vacation these are ideal places that should be on top of your list. Summer is perfect when traveling with your own car or by renting a car from a reputable company. For more information visit rental24h.com car rental